Ray Martinez

Ray Martinez

Ray Martinez Personal Training

Ray Martinez

Certified Holistic Health Coach
Holistic Health

Who I work With

I work with individuals who are struggling with health challenges and help them create the healthy body of their dreams. 

My Approach

With my whole person approach, I look at all the under lying factors of what is causing the issues. Getting to the root of the problem, I’m able to design an effective program that allows individuals to break through barriers and discover true wellness.

My inspiration to do what I do

I was inspired to become a holistic exercise and lifestyle coach when I came across the Chek Institute which taught me to look at the whole picture when coaching others. Spending years as a personal trainer, it wasn’t until I started to coach clients on all aspects of health did I start to make a real impact on their lives. I’ve also experienced my own share of health issues with my skin that I was able to heal naturally.

What my clients say

My clients often compliment me on being understanding and patient. I attribute this to my desire to always meet all my clients where they are at in their health journey. Clients feel confident in themselves when they do a session with me.

How do you get started with me?

Follow the link below and schedule your first session!

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