Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Reiki teacher Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Spiritual Director/Reiki Master

Who I work With

I work with anyone who is looking for relaxation and inner calm. I mostly work with people who seek Reiki treatment for its therapeutic effects. This includes people who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and other life challenges. But I also work with clients who want a relaxing spa experience.

My Approach

My goal is to support my client’s own natural healing ability. By sending a strong flow of Universal energy to my client, I can help them to replenish their energy stores and strengthen the flow of energy in their body. Maximizing their own natural healing ability.

My inspiration to do what I do

Seeing people heal and enjoy life again is incredibly inspiring! I love the positive results I see with Reiki and the unlimited potential in its application for my clients. Practicing hands on healing is just part of my Reiki practice though. The Reiki tradition I follow places a strong emphasis on the spiritual advancement of its practitioners, so Reiki is my personal spiritual practice as well.

What my clients say

Clients comment that my atention to detail makes their reiki experience special. People ofen express amazement about their treatment. Some are surprised by the physical sensations they may feel during  their reiki therapy, or the positive change that can result in their lives afterwards. Some have even complimented me by saying that I have “magic hands.” Of course, I can’t claim that. It does touch my heart though when clients thank me for providing a safe space for them to process their emotions and concerns. I am honored to hear that clients trust me and feel accepted and valued for who they are,

without judgement.

How do you get started with me?

Follow the link below and schedule your first session!

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