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Our Center has moved but we remain committed to offering whole person treatment. 

A Little More About Us

Unforeseen life events can take you off course, leaving you feeling powerless.

Feeling Powerless

Alignment Healing Center helps you move forward realigning with your true self, so you can put the power back in your hands and live the life you envision.

We offer a holistic approach to therapy, providing support and insight to help clients explore personal life challenges and embrace a journey of healing and transformation.

Our holistic approach includes massage therapy, energy healing, and holistic health coaching in addition to a variety of therapeutic interventions. Book a free consultation to help get your life back on track.

Our Approach

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Provide a Healthy Environment

We create an environment where people feel at ease expressing themselves and sharing their feelings.

Making Holistic Health Easy

Our goal is to provide you with easy to understand information on holistic health, nutrition, fitness, and natural remedies for healing your body naturally.

Value yourself alignment healing center

Placing Value In Who You Are

We value all ideologies and life experiences as we know this is what makes us who we are.

Your Personal Wellness Center

Our Office

Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.  As a Whole-Person practice, our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.  

By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, and other healing modalities such as Energy Healing, Holistic Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, mindfulness groups, and other informative workshops, we allow you to heal from events and feelings that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  

Find your way back to the people that love and care about you, back to yourself and back to your communities where you can shine and find meaning and purpose again.    

For more info call our office at 909-481-6298 or book your first session online.

We can help you achieve

The ability to get back to living your life well

A stress free strategy to better decisions

A better approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health

Help you live life to its fullest

What People Say About Us

Healing services

Your wellness healers are highly skilled, licensed, and certified.

Manage Stress at Alignment healing center

Mental Health/ Counseling/ Psychology

Sessions can include a blend of evidence-based trauma and mind-body techniques, mindfulness and expressive arts- in addition to talk therapy. 

Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki/Energy Healing

Relax and recharge by getting in touch with your inner self.

Holistic Health Counseling

Holistic Health Counseling

 Get an assessment that will guide you in learning more about your overall health and develop a plan of action to promote a healthier lifestyle!

Solutions for when you feel tired and loss

Meet Our Healers

Our healers are here to help you get aligned with your true self.

Licensed Therapists

Julia Seiker Therapist
Therapy with Kimberly Holton
Kimberly Holton, LCSW

Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Guides

Angela Romero
Angela Romero
Ayurveda Holistic Health Coach

Spiritual Healers

Elizabeth Johnson
Spiritual Director/Reiki Master
Tina Little
Tina Little
Certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist
Julia Seiker

What our Founder and CEO has to say

Julia Seiker

Right now people are stressed out more than ever and just aren’t taking care of themselves. I founded Alignment Healing Center to make it easy for people to get the help that they need, all in one place so that they can feel better and get back to their lives. We offer a range of modalities so that we do all the work and clients don’t have to search for the right care.

Membership Program

Imagine a sacred healing space just for you…

You'll be greeted by a welcoming and safe environment.

We value all ideologies and life experiences as we know this is what makes us who we are.

We are a collaborative group of professionals who are passionate about holistic, whole person healthcare.

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Stay Aligned with your true self all year by joining our membership programs. The best way to align your body, mind, and spirit is by experiencing all we have to offer.

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